Software Engineering
Create Mobile / Web apps

Our purpose

As Software Engineers we develop and own mobile and web applications that aims to be the leaders in their respective markets. Our first concern is to serve our customers by listening to their needs and solve them through our core knowledge, development. We currently own two mobile applications: Feed Preview (+1 million users), SocialInfused and one chrome extension: Emoji Picker (+65k users).

Our Portfolio

One of the first mobile application we have launched is Feed Preview, in 1 year we have been from zero application / zero users to 1 iOS and 1 Android app and +1 million users.

Feed Preview

A mobile application available on the AppStore and PlayStore allowing any Instagrammers to preview their public feed without having to login on Instagram. Our goal is to deliver the most intuitive application.
+1,000,000 Instagrammers
Rated 4.6 stars on the AppStore

Social Infused

Under development, soon launched. We could call it Feed Preview v2 but this application will deliver features for global social media marketing, the UX will be business oriented and it will be available on Android, iOS and web.

Emoji Picker

This is a Chrome extension we have developed to test the browser extension market. We proudly have currently 65,000 users.

We can help you

We usually create applications for us and release them worldwide to the public. However we have realized after all this time that we have gained a lots of experience along our journeys, not only in developement but as well in user experience and design. We can develop websites, web appications and mobile applications in a very short period of time.
Here a list of service we can provide:

  • Create Websites
  • Create Web apps
  • Create iOS apps
  • Create Android apps
  • Fix your code
  • Consultancy

If you are interested do not hesitate to contact us, we could be a perfect fit.

Free tools

Below a list of free Javascript scripts that you can include into your website to do some usefull stuffs.

Count Instagram Followers JS Script
Integrate this script in your website to fetch how many followers a public Instagram account has.

1/ Add this tag into your html head tag:

<script src=""></script>
2/ Then when you want to fetch the numbers of followers, just call it like this:
window._berthx.countInstagramFollowers('instagram').then(followersCount => alert(followersCount))

The Team

Charly Berthet, CEO and Founder

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